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Wholehearted, handpoked.


Laura is a junior machine free tattoo artist residing at Sun Loft Studio. She specialises in fine line, minimalistic and dainty tattoo styles.


As a graduate Graphic Design and Illustration student, Laura found herself fascinated by hand poked tattooing. She enjoys the personalised experience of the art, as well as the opportunity to meet so many lovely clients along the way. Alongside tattooing, Laura enjoys a range of art mediums including painting, ceramics and collage art.


She prides herself on her thoughtful, conscious creative practice. To this day, Laura regularly finds inspiration from her travels. From patterned tiles in Morocco to unique shells along the Portuguese coastline, there is often influence throughout her work.


Laura is now taking tattoo bookings and is also available for graphic design services. If you’re interested in working with Laura, contact her via her website or Instagram.


Instagram: @bybrinleypokes @laurakentdesign

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