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Mia is an illustrator and machine-free tattoo artist with a background working as a Nurse. Her unique combination of fine-line ink illustrative skills and knowledge through nursing has become a fantastic combination for tattooing. Mia is available for both illustration & graphic design work as well as tattooing. 

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Lauren is a machine-free tattoo artist specialising in fine line and ignorant tattoo styles. With a degree in graphic design and visual communication, Lauren creates delicate, minimalist designs informed by her keen eye for detail and creativity.

Lauren is available for tattooing as well as illustration and graphic design work.


Laura is a junior tattoo artist currently training with Sun Loft Studio. She specialises in graphic design and illustration. Her style is minimalistic, fine-line and dainty, drawing inspiration from her travels. She is available for illustration and graphic design work and is also now taking bookings for tattoos!


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