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  • What is hand poke/stick and poke/machine-free tattooing?
    Hand-poking is a method of tattooing created by repeated poking, which makes tiny dots under the skin that eventually form a line. Basically the hand does what the machine would usually do. It is a slower form of tattooing, and is often described as being less painful than tattoos made by a machine. Because it is gentle and less intrusive, hand-poked tattoos often heal faster than other tattoos. As for hygiene and safety, there is no difference between hand-poking or machine tattoos. All equipment used is sterile and the procedure is compliant with all health and safety standards. Plus there is no buzzing sound, yay! Once healed, hand-poked tattoos have a soft/delicate appearance that is totally unique to each piece. Every artist has a slightly different style, so its a good idea to check your artist's social media page to see what their work looks like.
  • Is Sun Loft Studio Licensed?
    Yes. All of our artists are licensed, and our studio is licensed and council approved. Our studio operator license number is: 011452
  • Do I have to be over 18 to get a tattoo at Sun Loft Studio?
    Yes. We only tattoo those over 18 and will be checking I.D at your appointment. Unfortunately we do not accept parental permission for those under 18.
  • Are Hand-Poked tattoos permanent?
    Yes, hand-poked tattoos are completely permanent and age the same way as any other fine line tattoo done with a machine would.
  • Where is your studio located?
    Our studio is in central Newcastle, NSW. We are a private, by appointment only studio and do not take walk-ins. Once you have booked your appointment you will receive the address for the studio.
  • How do I make a booking?
    Check the booking page on this website for the links to our artist's individual websites. The studio does not process booking requests so you will need to book through your chosen artist. Fine Line tattoos are in high demand these days! So our artists books are usually closed. The best way to secure a booking is to be following the artist on instagram as they will announce when they will be opening their books. Generally our artists will open their books for custom and/or flash tattoos once every 2-3 months. Occasionally they advertise cancellation spots on their instagram stories as well. All specific info around how to book can be found on each artist's website and/or instagram. There may be slight differences in the way each artist processes bookings. Please always allow at least a 1 week response time from our artists, as each individual processes their own bookings and also manages a studio tattoo schedule! Its a busy job, but we love it!
  • I noticed the artist's books are closed. Do you keep a waitlist?
    Our artists use a first come, first served system for bookings. Unfortunately we do not keep waitlists as it takes a lot of time to contact everyone on a waitlist, and in the time that they have been waiting, clients may have changed their mind, moved away, not be available, etc. etc. Instead we periodically open our books. The best way to get a booking with your desired artist is to follow them on intsagram and turn on notifications for their page. Our artists will give plenty of notice on instagram when announcing what date and time books will be opening. Once you see these announcements we recommend setting a reminder on your phone or calendar of the date they have provided so you don't miss out as books are likely to fill within 24 hours of opening.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Yes, to obtain a booking you must pay a non-refundable deposit. This is to protect the time that the artist may spend on securing your booking and/or designing your tattoo, in case you cancel. Once you have filled out a booking request form (on the artist's website) your artist will get in touch to take your deposit and get started on your design/booking. Booking request forms are usually only accessible when an artists books are open.
  • How much does a hand-poked tattoo cost?
    The price for each piece varies and is usually based on the level of detail/size if the design. We charge by piece, not by the hour. Your artist will give you the estimated price once you have discussed a design. We have a shop minimum of $150 which is for small and simple tattoos like love hearts. Regardless of the size of the tattoo this is to cover the equipment used. Your deposit is deducted from the total cost of your tattoo at the end of your appointment. Most tattoos in our studio range from $150-$400. Here is a general price guide: Small/simple tattoo (3cm or less)- $150-$200 Small tattoo/somewhat detailed (5cm or less) $200-$280 Small to medium tattoo (4-8cm) $250-$350 Medium tattoos (6-10cm) $280-$400 Large tattoos (10-15cm) $380-600 Please note quotes are always dependent on level of detail, size and placement. i.e tattoos on ribs are priced higher. If you are interested in booking with an artist, follow their usual booking procedures. Once the artist gets in touch you will receive a quote and from there you can choose if you would like to proceed or not. A word of advice: Try not to choose an artist based off of what they charge (high or low). Choose an artist because you love and value their work. A tattoo is for life and is an investment! Slight variations in cost will not be the thing that matters in 10+ years <3
  • How long will my tattoo take?
    This depends on the size, location, and level of detail. Hand-poking is a bit slower than machine tattooing. Most tattoos will take anywhere between 30 mins to 3 hours. Your artist will give you an estimation of the time your individual tattoo will take once the design is finalised.
  • Can I bring a friend or family member to my appointment?
    We do prefer if you come to your appointment alone as we are limited with space and seating. However if you are anxious, or need a support person please discuss this with your artist prior to your appointment. Rest assured you are well looked after in our Studio! We endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible. There is always time to ask lots of questions, to collaborate on getting the stencil right, and of course lots of time to take breaks during the tattoo if you need. All of our artists are very friendly people who want you to have a great time while you get your tattoo!
  • Do you do custom tattoos/can you draw up a design based on my own ideas?
    Yes, our artists are happy to work on a custom design with you. Keep an eye on their socials as they will announce when they are opening booking requests for custom tattoos. Each artist has a form that becomes available on their own respective websites once their books open. This form asks for all the details the artist will need around your idea. Try to make sure that your idea is aligned with your chosen artists style. Filling out a booking form does not guarantee a booking. The artist will decide if its something they feel confident to take on.
  • What is the difference between a custom tattoo and a flash tattoo?
    Custom tattoos are based on your own design ideas. When getting a custom tattoo your artist will specifically draw the design for you based on your brief and reference images. Flash tattoos are random designs released by an artist which can be claimed. When an artist 'releases flash' they are releasing some of their own pre-drawn artworks that are available to be tattooed. Flash designs are great as they are the artists very own work, drawn completely in their own style with no design brief. Some people prefer flash if they might not know what they want, or prefer to be more spontaneous when getting a tattoo. Custom tattoos are for those wanting a more 'meaningful' design or something that is completely made for them- they are best for those with very specific design ideas. Custom tattoos require a booking form to be filled out so that the artist can get a good idea of what you are wanting. Flash tattoos are released periodically on instagram by the artist and can be claimed through the instagram platform.
  • What are socially and culturally mindful tattoos?
    Sun Loft Studio aims to be respectful of the unique traditions and artworks that are sacred to their respective cultures. As such, please do not take offence if we wish to discuss your tattoo ideas further. We do not tattoo anything that is racist, sexist or discriminatory.
  • Can anyone get tattooed at Sun Loft Studio?
    Our core goal at Sun Loft Studio is to make everyone feel welcome, particuarily those who may have previously felt excluded or intimidated within the tattoo industry. You can always expect to feel heard, respected and safe in our studio. We aim to include all groups, particularly traditionally marginalised groups such as women, people of colour, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. If you have an idea on how we can make your experience with us better please let us know. We are aiming to have full disabled access in our next studio (opening late 2022), but please feel free to email us if you have any specific access requirements and we will try our best to accommodate.
  • Is there anything I need to do before my tattoo apppointment?
    If you are booked in, your artist will have emailed you a pdf titled 'Studio Information'. Everything you need to know is in that document! Try to make sure you are hydrated and relaxed. Please do not drink alcohol the night before getting a tattoo. Always make sure you have had something to eat before your appointment. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. You are more than welcome to bring snacks if you have a longer appointment, however we will be offering you tea and coffee when you arrive and will have lollies on standby if need be! If you are prone to fainting or have any specific worries about getting a tattoo please bring this up with your artist. We endeavour to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the tattoo procedure.
  • Does hand-poke tattooing hurt?
    Everyone experiences pain differently. You can expect to feel some pain whilst getting your tattoo, but most find it to be tolerable/mild, some even describe it as relaxing :) Most of our clients who have previously had machine tattoos, say that hand poking hurts much less.
  • Can I use numbing/anaesthetic cream?
    We don't provide numbing cream however if you think you would like to use some please consult with a pharmacist or doctor prior to your appointment and you may bring along some cream to use. Make sure you do a patch test prior to check for any allergic reactions. Most clients don't use numbing cream as generally the pain of a hand poked tattoo is very mild.
  • Are you a vegan friendly space?
    Everything used within the tattoo process is vegan friendly including ink. The only thing we use that isnt vegan is our aftercare balm (containing beeswax). This is given to clients in a free aftercare pack. If you would like us to remove the balm from the pack just let us know :)
  • Can I get a tattoo whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Unfortunately no. It is safest to wait until you are not pregnant or have finished breastfeeding before you get a tattoo.
  • Do you tattoo in colour?
    -Avali usually works in black, but will use colour at your request. -Mia only tattoos in black ink. -Lauren usually works in black, but will use colour at your request Please note that coloured ink comes with a higher chance of reactions, particularly red ink. We recommend that you do your own research into coloured ink so that you can make an informed choice.
  • Do you do free touch ups?
    Yes. Your tattoo comes with a free touch up at 6 weeks. Touch ups are a normal part of getting a fine line tattoo, we find about 10-20% of clients will need a touch up. It is not unusual for some ink to fall out during the healing process, depending on different skin types, placements, and even peoples own immune systems! We are working on living canvases, so don't be alarmed if you do happen to require a touch up/perfecting session! Please note, finger and foot tattoos do not come with free touch ups. These tattoos have a high risk of 'falling out' and any touch ups incur an $80 fee. To book a touch up, please email the artist that did your tattoo with a photo of your tattoo. They will book you in to the next available slot. Touch- ups generally only take about 15 minutes and we can generally get you in within a week or 2. If you do need a touch up don't be afraid to ask! Our artists WANT to make sure that your tattoo is looking its best! Its always worth popping back in for a perfecting session to fill in any pesky gaps or faded areas :) A quick note for the environment: If you are planning on coming back soon for another tattoo, wait for a touch up until that appointment. This helps us save on plastic waste. It's better to get your new tattoo done and your older tattoo touched up in the one session. It also cuts down your healing time as well :) A quick note: Please only request a touch up if you think your tattoo needs one. If you are happy with how your tattoo is healed, its best not to add more to it. There is no point subjecting your already healed tattoo to more healing time unless necessary.
  • What are the aftercare intructions?
    You will receive an aftercare pack from your artist after your tattoo is finished that includes all instructions and an aftercare balm. Your artist will run through this with you at your appointment so that you can heal well! You can also find aftercare instructions in the 'highlights' section of our instagram page @sunloftstudio
  • What days does the studio open?
    SUN LOFT is open 7 days. Each artist rotates through 4 days per week, and these 4 days can change depending on the month. Every artist has an even spread of weekdays and weekends, so we can usually find a suitable booking time for clients.
  • What happens if I couldn't find the answer to my question here?
    If you didn't find the answer to your question please feel free to send an email with your question to
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