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Lauren is a skilled hand-poke/machine free tattoo artist specialising in fine line and ignorant tattoo styles. When designing tattoo concepts Lauren seeks to create custom pieces as well as themed flash designs covering anything from strange characters and inanimate objects to typography and abstract line work.


With a degree in visual communication and design, Lauren loves to explore a range of mediums when approaching her body of work. In doing so, Lauren has had the opportunity to work on a variety of freelance projects that include graphic design, branding initiatives, concept development, illustration, web design, animation, cinematography and more.


As a postgraduate, Lauren found herself drawn to the art of tattooing. Seeing this as a new form of inspiration for her art making. Lauren creates delicate, minimalist designs that demonstrate a sense of fun and whimsy. Through tattooing, Lauren is able to share her love of art making with her clients in the hopes that her unique approach might bring a smile to others.


Lauren is currently available for illustration, graphic design work, and tattoo bookings. A variety of her work is displayed on her Instagram @laurnpokes , as well as her website 

If you would like to express interest in getting a tattoo with Lauren please see her website. 

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